The Museo Maya of America, located in Guatemala City, will be the most important center for studying and appreciating objects, artifacts, pieces of art, fabrics and information about the history and culture of the Mayan civilization. The institution is one of the most ambitious cultural projects in the region, with nearly 60,000 square meters of construction


Strategically located north of La Aurora Park, the Museum will be immediately visible upon arrival in the city after leaving the airport. It will be the culmination of the museum tour that includes the Children’s Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. This cultural axis, north of the future La Aurora Metropolitan Park, will become a new destination for residents of the capital and the country as well as tourists.

The concept for the museum is inspired by the traditional language of the Mayan temple, without copying it directly. A pure geometric shape, in the middle of a large green area, creates an abstract shape that stands out and stands out from the urban fabric that surrounds it. The public space of the park extends inside the building. The heart of the building is formed by a cenote with vegetation in each of the platforms it crosses, open to the sky and the elements. This space is the point of reference that links the parking lots and the park, the galleries with the public terraces located on the roof of the museum.

The conceptual project of MuMA was developed when R. de Oliveira Castro was one of the founding partners of over, under, in collaboration with Harry Gugger Studio.