Social Housing

Casa Volcán


We are a young architecture firm in Guatemala eager to contribute to the development of our country by improving the living conditions of families in the rural area.

Recently we completed a housing prototype for all affected families by the Volcán de Fuego eruption, this is 86 square meter house with an investment cost of approximately $20,000. Although targeted for the present crisis in Guatemala we believe that this model of dwelling could be replicated along the country.

The design and planning of this project is the result of a group of highly qualified professionals. All contributing their skills and donating their time to achieve this high quality project.

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Team of Development

Architectural Design: DEOC Architects
On site team coordinator: Architect, Dominique Cabrera
Environmental study: Agronomist, Juan Carlos Andrade
Hydrogeological study: Engineer, Jorge García Chiu, DON GARCÍA S.A.
Topography: Engineer, Ulises Sánchez, RUMBO NORTE
Civil Engineering: Engineer, Estuardo Ruano, FEDEPHASA.
MEP Engineering: Engineer, Luis Reyes Rimula, CCI.
First prototype contractor: ASOCIACIÓN AMBIENTAL G-22.
First prototype oversight: DEOC Architects, Architect Mynor Mogue, ASOCIACIÓN AMBIENTAL G-22.
Documentation, training, education, and workshops with the families, ASOCIACIÓN AMBIENTAL G-22.

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